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Back to school blues

Many Parents look forward to school starting after busy Summer months of non-stop activities and having all the kids home.

But what about the parents who cannot let go that easy?

To the parents who feel every bit of their kid's childhood slip away and feel every Summer get shorter and shorter every year.

To the mom who works through Summers and welcomes the weekends to embrace every single hour spent with their kids and enjoy every experience planned. To the dad who is away on business trips and cannot wait to spend a Summer vacation with his kids.

To the parents who will send their kids off to school for the first time, hoping they can hold their tears back at drop-off.

Back to school is not so happy for everyone and brings along so many feelings. The nostalgia that we hold on to during Summer fades away faster every year as our kids grow up and our time with them feels as if it is running out.

Can we normalize wanting our kids to stay little and stay home? Can we normalize the fact that back to school is not always a happy season for everyone?

It is perfectly ok to feel all the feels. Perfectly ok to show that you are just not ready to let go and wanting to hold on to Summer for a bit longer.

As we shop for back to school supplies, as we shop for outfits that will be different sizes as our kids grow, as we get our routines ready for the new school year... know that you are not the only one feeling sad about your kids going to school in the Fall. Time is so precious and it goes by too quick. I understand and I know for sure those kids will miss you even more.


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