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$15 and under must have self care items from Amazon

When I decided that I wanted to start taking time to create better habits for my self care I knew that spending a lot of money on items that I wanted to purchase for my routines was not something I was excited for.

It is normal to want to spend money on things everytime you start a new project or tackle a new adventure and I did not want that, so I decided to search for budget-friendly items that I could add to my routines until habits were created. Self care for me includes working out, my skin care routine, writing, reading and just unwinding at home.

I wanted to share this list of items from Amazon with easy links that have been used by myself and others to get started on a self care journey.

  1. Hair scrunchies: these come in handy while working out, during my skin routine or just on days when I simply want my hair in a mom bun. These Kitsch scrunchies are soft and comfy to wear.

  2. Saucony socks: these are a favorite! comfy and great for my workouts and runs and come in packs of 8 or 16 pairs. These are true to size and i love their heel tab to prevent skin irritation.

  3. Thayers witchhazel facial toner: I have been using Thayers for years and I never think of trying a different one since this toner does so well with my skin and is affordable. They have different ones but this is the unscented kind.

  4. Loungewear: this 2 piece tank and shorts set is super comfy and great to lounge at home practicing some self care.

  1. Selfcare journal: this day and night journal is created with selfcare in mind and very easy to follow along. Will help with creating routines with intention.

  2. If you need a selfcare tracker, one that is a bit more simple to tackle routines each week this one is perfect and comes in notepad form which is easy to have by your desk, bed, counter...

  3. Don't forget your multi-vitamins. I usually do terrible with taking vitamins but really been enjoying the Olly women's multi.

  4. Don't pout and check out the Poppy & Pout lip scrub for your lips. Love the mint one! they come in cute little glass jars, the have different flavors and no parabens or harmful ingredients.

  5. Feet care! Relax and try these hydrating feet masks. Perfect to add moisture.

  6. Satin heatless curls from Kitsch. This one goes on sale often so I am sharing it even though regular price is $15.98.

Hope these items help you take on your future self care routines and new habits. Take time to work on yourself, doing the things that work for you!


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